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Rapid Deployment Mobile Unit

Because the Mercury CCTV Rapid Deployment Unit is a fully mobile solution designed for use in any industry, it is ideal for temporary or semi-permanent CCTV applications.

The Mercury system uses advanced technology to locate and track known trouble-makers at the earliest possible stage. Its deployment acts as a powerful deterrent to anyone considering engaging in violence and disorder.

The CCTV Rapid Deployment Unit includes a range of incredible security and technology features, which make this one of the leading mobile security solutions of its kind on the market:

  • A full 1080p 30:1 zoom rugged PTZ camera complete with 4.3mm to 129mm lens: the camera is mounted on a 6-metre telescopic pneumatic mast, which can be adjusted to a suitable monitoring height by the controller from within the van.
  • Five other externally fixed 4MP IP domes that monitor the van's location give added protection to the unit's operators by warning them of any potential attack.
  • All images from the cameras are recorded and stored on a 4K 12MP High-Definition IP HDD recorder to prevent the loss of recorded data in the event of failure on one of the HDDs
  • The CCTV Rapid Deployment Unit comfortably accommodates two operators, with each one equipped with two 24inch full 1080p screens, a PTZ joystick to control the external dome, a keyboard, and PCs running the manufacturers software to enable interrogation and retrieval of recorded data
  • Operators can project audio announcements via a desk-mounted microphone connected to a 60watt amp, as well as two roof-mounted 15Watt Bosch speakers
  • All of this technology is powered by four leisure batteries via 2 x 3000Watt Pure Sign-Wave inverters, which can run without the engine running for up to 8 hours
  • The unit is continuously monitored via satellite by the Mercury Security NSI Gold Command and Control Centre, ensuring the operators' safety at all times

If you'd like to find out more about the Mercury CCTV Rapid Deployment Mobile Unit, please call us on +44 28 92620510 or fill in the contact form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Rapid Deployment Mobile Unit

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