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Unlocking Potential: Why Continuous Training Of Staff Is Vital

Before you can do it, you must be shown how it’s done. Even a natural skill can be improved with the correct training. 

At Mercury Security, we believe that the continuous training of staff is vital. So much so that we even created our own training function; The Mercury Training Academy (MTA). Within this, we offer a wide range of courses from GDPR to First Aid and Manual Handling. 

Good, thorough and consistent training matters for a number of reasons. There is nothing that can’t be improved by training and practice. 

Here are five more reasons why you should invest in training: 

1. Skill up your staff 

Are there bad habits within your workforce? Things that with a little tweaking would help everything run more smoothly? Or perhaps there is a specific skill that would benefit everyone or something that just needs brushing up on. 

Training can help with that. Keeping on top of training for your staff will allow them to step up and take their existing skills to the next level while also making sure that they never get rusty. Not only will this increase workflow, it will make sure everyone is on the same page and able to work together more efficiently.

2. Invest in your workforce 

By investing in good quality training you are also investing in those it will benefit. 

If you make sure that your staff are well equipped to do the work they need to do, they will thrive in their environment and feel able to do their job to the very best of their ability. There is no company without people and investing in them speaks volumes. 

3. Improve from the inside out 

To improve and go forward, we must first figure out and improve within. By taking the time to ensure your own workforce is the best it can be, you can focus more on making those connections and forming those relationships outside of your own staffing body. 

Training up your own staff also means that they can potentially train internally and aid newcomers to the business. 

4. Create an ethos of the right behaviour

As mentioned above, this potential cycle of internal training can create a strong ethos that values correct behaviour. 

By placing emphasis on improvement you are sending a message that upskilling and learning to overcome new challenges is at the core of your business, something that would not only increase staff productivity but also loyalty. Knowing that you have room to train and grow is a great asset for job satisfaction. 

5. Make sure you meet the requirements

Finally, regular training ensures that your workforce complies with industry standard guidelines. This will increase credibility and faith among competitors and customers alike. 

By keeping up to date with all necessary regulations, your staff will be able to provide a much better service to your clients and your clients will know they are being treated with top of the line care. 

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