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Security Companies Partner to Help Lone Workers ‘KEEP SAFE’

One of Ireland’s largest independently owned security companies, Mercury Security & Facilities Management has teamed up with global GPS and telemetry specialist Oysta Technology to offer much needed protection to vulnerable Lone Workers throughout Ireland and beyond.

The issue of lone worker safety is a growing one with almost four million Lone Workers currently employed in the UK, according to The Office of National Statistics.

The new ‘Mercury KeepSafe’ solution utilises GPS, GPRS and NFC technology to monitor the location, welfare and status of Lone Workers in real time, via Mercury’s NSI Gold-approved Command and Control Monitoring Centre.

Using their smartphone or a range of dedicated Lone Worker devices, workers can log their whereabouts at any particular time, or have their movements tracked via GPS. The device also provides a covert panic button which can be activated discreetly if the Lone Worker’s safety is compromised.

Defined by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as someone who works ‘by themselves without close or direct supervision’, the long list of Lone Workers includes postal staff, social workers, doctors, district nurses, pest control workers, drivers, TV license inspectors, estate agents, window cleaners, gardeners, sales representatives and similar professionals visiting domestic and commercial premises. Even office staff working alone late at night can be vulnerable to potential theft or attack.

“Mercury Security is fully committed to helping protect individuals that work alone in vulnerable circumstances and we are delighted to join forces with global specialist Oysta Technology to offer Lone Workers, and businesses that utilise Lone Workers, a robust security solution,” said Mercury Security Director Liam Cullen.

“We believe that the cutting edge GPS and telemetric technology provided by Oysta, combined with a fully accredited monitoring service via our NSI Gold-approved Command and Control Monitoring Centre will provide the highest level of protection for Lone Workers whilst also protecting employers from potential legal action which could be extremely damaging to their business.

“Through their smartphones, users can now have a Lone Worker solution on a device they are comfortable and familiar with, and which they already carry at all times, safe in the knowledge that our Command and Control Monitoring Centre is on hand and ready to kick into action should the need arise,” concluded Liam.

Oysta Technology’s Managing Director Mario Zuccaro added:

“Oysta has more than 50 years’ experience in the industry. Our technology is proven and deployed to more than 10,000 service users across five continents.

“We see Mercury Security as one of the most exciting and innovative security companies in Ireland and we are delighted to join forces with them to help deliver this vital Lone Worker protection and monitoring service in such an important market.”

How it works
Mercury’s Lone Worker protection service can be used via smartphone or any specialist lone worker device.

  • The Lone Worker logs his or her whereabouts via their smart phone or mobile device leaving GPS fixes of their location.
  • Should the Lone Worker’s safety be compromised, they can discreetly press a dedicated key on their chosen device to summon emergency assistance
  • At this stage a live audio or two-way communication feed will be opened and an operator immediately notified within the Mercury Command and Control Monitoring Centre, who will respond to the incident as well as alerting the Police/Garda or other Bluelight services if needed.

The ‘Mercury KeepSafe’ service should be of great interest to local businesses and employers who have a duty of care to protect their staff or face very severe consequences in the event of an employee being harmed whilst carrying out their job.

Under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act of April 2008, companies can be prosecuted for the offence of corporate manslaughter if the way its activities are managed or organised causes a death and this constitutes a gross breach of a duty of care to the deceased.

In addition, owners and senior managers of businesses can be personally prosecuted for offences related to failures in health and safety management, including gross negligence and manslaughter. Indeed, it is likely that a prosecution will be brought for corporate manslaughter against a company in tandem with prosecutions against individual directors or senior management for personal liability.

For more information on the ‘Mercury KeepSafe’ Lone Worker protection and monitoring solution, interested companies or individuals should click here to contact us today!