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MSFM Witness Guinness World Record Attempt

Last week we had the pleasure of witnessing a Guinness World Record attempt in action at Patton’s Bakery, Newtownards.

Mercury Security & Facilities Management were among those who acted as witnesses on behalf of Guinness World Records to oversee the attempt.

Thanking everyone involved in the attempt, Karl McCrum, Neill’s Flour Sales & Marketing Manager said, “A lot of work went in to this record attempt and I really want to thank everyone involved. We couldn’t have done it without Patton’s Bakery and the knowledge from Jenny Bristow and all at Belfast Metropolitan College’s baking school. We had witnesses from far and wide who gave up their time to oversee the attempt, including the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Baking Bar, Precia Molen, Mercury Security & Facilities Management, Pinnacle Response, Braefoot Ltd and many more. The attempt would have been impossible without this help and support. It really was a fantastic way to close the celebrations on the 150th anniversary of Neill’s Flour.”

In order to ‘rise’ to the occasion, the baking team had to break the current record which was achieved in 2010 with a scone that weighed a whopping 119.45kg and had a diameter of 117cm
The attempt by Patton’s Bakery and Neill’s Flour weighed in at a massive 141.8kg  – the baking team will have to wait to be officially verified from the Guinness World Records, however, they are confident they have a great chance of smashing the record.

Good luck from everyone at Mercury Security & Facilities Management!