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MSFM become Approved CAME Installer of Automation Systems

Mercury Security & Facilities Management are delighted to announce that we are now an approved CAME installer of security gates/barriers and automation systems. We can supply a wide range of security gates to the public and private sector that include fully functional bespoke gates. We can also supply car park barriers, anti-ram-raid rising bollards and full height turnstiles.
We also offer a range of control options from the simple option of radio remote controls, keypad’s, GSM telephony based intercoms up to a fully-fledged computer interfaced proximity reader access control systems. Mercury Security can provide this service for commercial property owners, managing agents, facilities managers for both maintenance and health and safety responsibilities.

When correctly installed in compliance with installation instructions these solutions provide a high degree of safety to the end user. However should your installer not adhere to existing electrical, mechanical and manufacturer regulations your automation system may become more of a health and safety hazard than a safety precaution. It is therefore vital that when purchasing an automation system that you conduct due diligence on your installer to ensure they meet the regulations necessary.Mercury Security & Facilities Management recommend that to ensure a trouble free operation the end user should conduct monthly maintenance checks on their gates and other automation systems such as the following;

  • Ensure safety cells are operating correctly during both the opening and closing cycle
  • Clean the safety photocells
  • Remove any plant growth or other obstacles that could impede the gate or photocells
  • Release the gate barrier manually
  • Lubricate the hinges
  • Carry out a test on the safety ribs

Furthermore, Mercury Security & Facilities Management have compiled a list of precautions to adhere to following the installation of a gate/barrier or automation system.

  • Do not allow children to play near the gate or barrier
  • Keep all remote control operating devices out of reach of children
  • Do not pass through the gate or barrier whilst in operation, always ensure they are fully open before driving or walking through
  • Do not stop unnecessarily when passing through the gate or barrier
  • Keep feet away from the bottom of the gate or barrier during operation
  • Do not operate the remote control access if the gate or barrier is not in view
  • Do not attempt to block or interfere with the gate or barrier during operation
  • Ensure your installer/maintenance company complete full maintenance on your gate/barrier at least once per year
  • Report any signs of malfunction to your installer immediately
  • If you are in any doubt regarding the operation of your gate or barrier, call your installation or maintenance company as soon as possible

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