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Improving the Safety of Our Loved Ones

Mercury Security & Facilities Management’s Regional Manager, Sharon Kirkpatrick, discusses the safety concerns many of us have for our vulnerable loved ones and how Mercury Security & Facilities Management can work with healthcare providers to improve their safety and your peace of mind.    

A few years ago an online petition calling on the government to ‘install CCTV cameras in all care homes to protect vulnerable people’  ran for 6 months and closed on the 2nd of June 2016. The government’s response concluded that ‘the government does not object to the use of CCTV cameras in care homes on a case by case basis. Care home owners should consult with and seek the consent of residents and their families on their use’.

Concern over the care of vulnerable elderly people is widespread with the topic at the centre of many panorama programmes about abuse scandals. I understand the argument expressed by many that it removes the vulnerable person’s right to privacy, especially among those who are not able to consent. However, when entrusting our loved one into the care of others, how can we be sure they are safe and receiving the standards of care promised? While it is not a straightforward topic by any means, the safety and well-being of the vulnerable person should be the most important element of all and at the forefront of all decisions.

When discussing care concerns, I want to recognise that most healthcare providers do amazing work, ensuring high standards of care and taking great pride in all that they do despite the strain often placed upon them by budgetary constraints. The support they provide to us and our family members is immeasurable.  I have a number of friends and family working within this sector and I respect and can see first-hand the importance and care they put into their role

Unfortunately, we cannot always be present to take care of our loves ones and we have seen evidence of misuse of power. Therefore, ensuring their safety can be a difficult task. Whether it is the risk of ill treatment or the risk of falls, concern for safety and general well-being is a common fear among many of us with vulnerable loved ones.  What can we do to mitigate the risks?

Mercury Security & Facilities Management are excited to be partnering with Commend UK Ltd to introduce new technology which aims to further protect vulnerable people living in supported living settings against the risks associated with living independently. Our solution includes noise monitoring features that are triggered upon hearing sounds of distress. If required our monitoring centre can speak to your loved one to reassure them that help is on the way. Each system is uniquely designed to ensure it is fit for individual requirements and does not negatively impact on the service user’s well-being.

We can go as far as is needed with this solution by monitoring doors opening and closing, include CCTV options and can additionally monitor motion activities for the most vulnerable.  For those with reduced mobility, this technology could help decrease the risk of falls as they can speak to the intercom from the comfort of their chair.

We understand how helpless you can feel when unable to keep an eye on your loved one. I have experienced how much a fall can impact someone’s confidence, abilities and independence, and as such, we would love to give you better peace of mind by working with you to help create a solution to meeting your loved ones safety needs without the worry of infringing on their privacy rights.

For further information on this technology and how we can help, get in touch today. You can send me an email at or give me a call on: 07973948737.