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Does your business use CCTV / IP systems?

Our NSI Gold Approved Installation division at Mercury Security & Facilities Management are contacted quite often regarding CCTV and how it affects GDPR. We have been requested to offer some advice about CCTV signage and the wording for such signage to comply with GDPR. Hopefully this helps...

CCTV/IP systems and their cameras capture images that allow you to identify individuals, and this means that the pictures come within the GDPR’s definition of personal data. Legislation requires businesses and organisations to ensure people are notified and made aware that you are taking and recording their data. Our technical and compliancy team would be delighted to assist and help you with your CCTV signage or a new CCTV/IP system upgrade, just give us a call or complete the enquiry form at Mercury is one of the largest and highly accredited companies specifying and supplying “fit for purpose” CCTV/IP systems throughout the UK and Ireland.