Covid-19 - Mercury Security and Facilities Management
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Our approach to Covid-19

Since the arrival of Covid-19, there can be no doubting the change that has occurred in our lives. Throughout the pandemic we’ve been very proactive in helping our customers protect their staff, their clients, and their businesses.

Mercury Security & Facilities Management Solutions

Through the various lockdowns and re-openings, we’ve helped many businesses from across all industry sectors to remain fully compliant with the latest Covid-19 public health guidelines. We have contributed to tailored risk assessments and safe systems of working practices, designed to ensure the safety of staff, customers and premises.

As a leading FM and security company, we have invested heavily in training and equipment since the pandemic struck; this has allowed us to help companies, just like yours, safeguard their businesses now and into the future.

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Whether you want to develop new facility management and security services to cater for the new normal, or you simply want to re-examine how you could work with outsourced facilities management teams going forward, why not talk to us?

We’ll take the time to find out all about your specific needs and develop a tailored solution that keeps your business fully compliant at a cost you can afford.

Stay safe, and remember that by supporting each other, as we work towards the same goal, we can be confident that our businesses will thrive again.